Rammstein - Europe Stadium Tour 2024

Nijmegen, Nederland
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Rammstein is a band from Germany that formed in 1994. The devotion and dedication of the band members shows in the cleanly played music and perfectionist style of recording and in the fact that all the original band members still remain together to this day. This band is technically classified in the New German Hardness genre, but is more accurately described as a mixture of heavy metal, industrial and groove metal. Their song "Du Hast," which peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Top 200 charts, may be the one that brought Rammstein to the general public's attention; it was even featured in the game "Rock Band 3." However, many fans of hard metal considered these guys to be rock legends way before the game came out; after all, it doesn't get any better than hard core metal sung in German.

Tickets for the Rammstein concert are personalized (by name) and non-transferable.

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Top dit! Ik hoop dat ze 'Du hast' gaan draaien

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