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Selling out worldwide, as usual The Cure tickets are desirable by many. Fans spanning the seventies, eighties, nineties and present all clamor to get their The Cure ticket before they sell out. The Cure offers this great, happy tone in the now reformed music they produce, but at first were renowned for the rather gloomy tone which initially made them so famous. The Cure initially formed in 1973 and Robert Smith has remained the lead vocalist ever since. Going to a The Cure concert brings back happy memories for those who remember the huge presence of the band in the 1980’s but even to this day they continue to churn out great hits which encourage the fans to rush to buy their tickets as soon as they go on sale. The Cure tickets for concert are rare now, touring less than they used to a ticket for The Cure has become a valuable commodity.

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A The Cure concert is usually full of bouncing happy fans who adore the chameleon-like changes lead vocalist Robert Smith has displayed over the years. The Cure concert is always a good one and is a lot of fun with fans queuing to buy their ticket every time. The Cure have evolved so much over the years, so their music appeals to more or less everyone. ‘Lullaby’ is the main record which has the crowd jumping, but other hits like ‘Friday I’m in Love’ are old favorites too. The Cure brings a certain je nais sais quoi to their music and it makes for compelling listening. Even now Robert Smith offers a commanding stage presence and the fans often return to more than one, making sure they have their The Cure tickets in good time. Get your ticket before it’s too late!

The Cure Tour tickets

The Cure were originally formed in 1973, and since then the band has gone through an amazing amount of lineup changes, but Robert Smith the lead vocalist has always remained constant with the band. The Cure members currently consist of Robert Smith, Porl Thompson, Simon Gallup and Jason Cooper. The Cure has seen eight other members come and go in its thirty five year history but still retains the charisma it’s always had, and adoring fans of The Cure still come to the concerts annually showing true fan loyalty. ‘Love Cats’ by The Cure is one of their most famous records of all time, and marked yet another change in the bands’ metamorphosis. From Gothic to more mainstream pop, The Cure have been, seen and done it all.

The Cure
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