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Guus Meeuwis is a admired Dutch singer known for hit single 'Het Is Een Nacht' which when roughly translated means “It is a Night’, stayed on the very top of the charts for seven weeks straight, back in 1995. This boosted Guus Meeuwis straight into the limelight and his recent single “Tranen gelachen” (Tears Laugh) released in mid 2007 along with the single "Geef mij je Angst" (Give me your Fear) simply have his fans just asking for more. His performances are truly a delight and tickets sell quickly before the show. The wonderful news is that Guss has already commenced on his tour for this year (2008) and he will be travelling well into summer. If you want to get your hands on Guus Meeuwis tickets to his next performance, you’re in luck you can get them right here. Order your Guus Meeuwis tickets for Philips Stadium today!  You can also order Guus Meeuwis 2021 tickets for other events. Each Guus Meeuwis ticket is worth every penny, so get your ticket now and you can be certain you won’t miss him when’s he’s at a venue near you.... go on, get your Guus Meeuwis tickets now.

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This year promises to be filled with a lot of action for all you Guus Meeuwis fans. Many a Guus Meeuwis concert for the first half of the year have already started; if you haven’t got your tickets to the tour as yet get them now. Guus Meeuwis is scheduled to be in concert around the summer, and according to the tour schedule the Guus Meeuwis concert will be headed to venues like Vredenburg, Utrecht around mid or late May 2017, Philipsstadion, Eindhoven around mid June 2017 and several other cities along on the way. Get yourself a ticket while they’re still available, the concert itself will have songs from his 2003 self titled album as well as his album “Tien Jaar – Levensecht” and some of his new songs not played live as yet. Waiting till the last moment just won’t help, so if you want Guus Meeuwis concert tickets grab them now.

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Guus Meeuwis the Dutch singer and songwriter was born on 23, March 1972 in a place called Mariahout. Initially while still a student Guus Meeuwis formed his first band while in Tilburg, that he called "Vagant," which was inspired by the cafe that Guss and his band members used to rehearse in. In 1995, "Guus Meeuwis & Vagant." Released their first single that ended up being an absolute hit, it was titled “Het is een Nacht" which translated means ‘It is a Night’. Shortly thereafter on the road to success, several other hits followed. Towards the end of 2001 Guus split form the group and persued a solo career with several hits like ‘Geef mij je Angst” meaning ‘Give me your Fear’ amongst others. Guss Meeuwis has since been rising to fame and has also been creditied wits writing songs for numerous other famous artists like André Hazes, etc.
Guus Meeuwis
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