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Metallica tickets are of high value to millions of heavy metal fans around the globe. Metallica is unquestionably one of best bands in the heavy metal genre today. Their last studio album St. Anger (2003) went straight to number one of the US Charts. Since their formation in 1981, Metallica has released eight studio albums, two live albums and thirty-nine singles. Metallica is the band that is very dedicated and always delivers to their fullest capabilities, you can expect to get your moneys worth. They will certainly always put on an electrifying performance for their fans. Metallica tickets are quite hard to come by and you will need a reliable tickets seller like 4Alltickets. Buying a ticket will never be the same again. Enjoy the benefits of ordering from 4Alltickets! Everything has been made as easy as possible.

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The newest Metallica album is called Death Magnetic. With this album Metallica has returned to the heavy metal industry with a bang and has claimed back their position at the top once again. With songs such as The day that never comesMetallica once again proves why they are so influential and amongst the biggest selling groups in the history of heavy metal. In addition to producing grand heavy metal music, Metallica is also incredible live on the stages of their concerts. A Metallica concert is definitely at the top of every heavy metal fans priority list. Tickets sell out extremely quickly. So if you are amongst the large group of people looking to go see this band live then don’t wait any longer and get your ticket today before someone else beats you to it. 4Alltickets has all authentic Metallica tickets available.

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With over 100 million records sold worldwide, Metallica is considered to be the most successful thrash metal group. Their 1991 album entitled Metallica peaked at number one in both the US and UK Charts and received Platinum and Diamond status. Metallica has received numerous awards for their music including five Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance, one for Best Hard Rock Performance and one for Best Rock Instrumental Performance. They released their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic in 2008. This Metallica album is expected to be as immensely successful as the last eight! For more information on Metallica tour schedules and ticket availability, you should simply browse our site 4Alltickets. 4Alltickets has a wide assortment of tickets available for any kind of event.
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