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Genesis is a classic rock band, founded way back in 1967, in England. The band has sold over 150 million albums sold worldwide and they are one of the top 30 bands, in terms of sales, in the history of contemporary music. Genesis has won many music awards and other honors. Over the years Genesis has consisted of band members Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks, as well as, during the early days, Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. Whenever they announce a concert tour, Genesis attracts a big crowd who demand Genesis tickets, because they want to see the band live and hear the many big hits. In fact, whenever there is a Genesis concert tour, Genesis tickets are desperately wanted, because Genesis concert shows are just so intense.

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The Genesis music style fits into the genres of Progressive rock and art rock, standard pop and rock, soft rock and album rock. The group recorded and released their debut album, 'From Genesis to Revelation' in 1969 and achieved immediate recognition. Ever since then they have been releasing about one album each year and this constant production increased their popularity. Genesis gained great fame and Genesis concert tours are very popular events attracting many fans old and new. Genesis also makes a brilliant appearance on stage. A Genesis concert is the best way to experience the great hits of this historic band, which are influenced from all sorts of music, from classical to jazz. Genesis concert tickets, however, will always sell out very fast.

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Whenever a Genesis tour is announced, fans flock to buy their tickets, because the band's live shows are legendary. Genesis has also influenced other progressive rock groups, and even Radiohead and The Verve say that the Genesis style inspired their own musical experimentation. Genesis has always been on regular tour and even today when a Genesis tour is announced tickets always sell-out fast. Genesis is much-loved and tour tickets are highly sought-after. Genesis isa simply brilliant performing their legendary tunes live on tour. And this is evident by the numerous live albums that have been recorded and produced and their high sales. Some of their all-time biggest singles include, “The Carpet Crawlers,” “Follow You, Follow Me,” “Mama,” “Illegal Alien,” and “Invisible Touch,” to name only a few.

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