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PSV is perhaps the most modest football club in the Netherlands. Yet the results of the Eindhoven residents do not lie. Both the UEFA cup and the European Cup I (now Champions League) have already been taken to Eindhoven. PSV also managed to finish 21 times in the lead in the Dutch Eredivisie. The PSV matches are therefore a guarantee of spectacle! Would you like to take a seat in the PSV Philips Stadium in Eindhoven together with the other PSV fans? Reserve your PSV tickets here! PSV home games are the weekly bright spot in Eindhoven. Make sure you're there with the PSV tickets from 4Alltickets! PSV has already produced many football legends. From the classic Mr. PSV Willy van der Kuijlen to the more recent greats Ronaldo, Luc Nilis, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Mark van Bommel. Would you like to enjoy football in a friendly atmosphere? Then tickets for PSV matches are exactly what you need!

Tickets PSV Eindhoven

Football club PSV is also known by the nickname Boeruh, which refers to the provincial city of origin. Whether you consider yourself part of the PSV Boeruh or not, PSV tickets are always money well spent! If you want to see football club PSV, one of the three Dutch football clubs that has won the UEFA Cup, buy your PSV club tickets now. If you want to witness a great performance again, reserve your PSV card now. Be quick though, because the PSV stadium is always filled to the brim! PSV tickets can be ordered at 4Alltickets within a few clicks!

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The name Philips Sport Vereniging, or PSV for short, indicates that this football club started out as a sports club founded by the large electronic company, Philips. Over time, the PSV players wore the Philips brand on their PSV shirt. PSV's stadium is the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven, which has been their home base since 1913. The stadium can accommodate 35,000 spectators and there are plans to expand to 42,000. However, the Philips Stadium Eindhoven always leaves one seat unused, section D, row 22, seat 43. This is the seat of the old Philips figurehead, Frits Philips. Let yourself be accommodated in the Philips Stadium and buy your PSV tickets now at 4Alltickets!

PSV Eindhoven
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