KISS - End Of The Road World Tour

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The Kiss band’s string of stage gimmicks hasn’t slowed down one bit through time. Kiss tickets are opportunities to watch how the band shall improve on itself from their last tour. Kiss has a reputation for pulling out every trick in their repertoire of rock tactics, often blowing minds and senses away. Much of what makes them popular is their flair for sensory overload. Every member of their audience, from first row to last, is captivated. Their song grow on listeners so much so that even the more conservative is bound to know by heart the lyrics of at least some of the band’s hits. So, book your seat to an electrifying night. Get a Kiss ticket from 4Alltickets – the leading online ticket broker. We offer the best Kiss tickets. At 4Alltickets, we take concert tickets seriously.

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Kiss has come a long way since performing for an audience of three at the Popcorn Club (now Coventry) in Queens on 30 January 1973. Today, all their live performances are sold out events. A concert by this phenomenal band draws humongous crowds of rock music lovers. Whenever and wherever a Kiss live act is booked, tickets fly through the tills into fans hands in a flash. You deserve a treat to an astounding, electrifying night. Surely you deserve to have the best time of your life at a Kiss concert. Hurry; purchase your ticket to the next Kiss concert from 4Alltickets. We carry the best ones worldwide! 4Alltickets carries for you the burden of getting good seats. You need not put up with the hassle of scouring, standing in line, or being put in the wait list.

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Kiss (formed 1973, New York City) is a rock band easily identified by their gobs of face paint and outrageous costumes. The band became famous during the mid-1970s through their elaborate stage performances featuring pyrotechnics, smoking guitars, blood spitting, plentiful tongues hanging out, and fire-breathing. Kiss has achieved 24 gold albums, selling over 90 million units worldwide. The band’s original lineup consisted of Paul Stanley (“Starchild” on rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Gene Simmons (“The Demon “on bass and lead vocals), Ace Frehley (“Space Ace” on lead guitar and vocals) and Peter Criss (“Catman” on drums and vocals). After the departure of Criss and Frehley, Kiss abandoned the makeup and costume routine in 1983 and achieved moderate commercial resurgence. The original Kiss lineup reunited 1996 to 2020 and reverted to wearing makeup. The band continues to perform with Stanley, Simmons, Tommy Thayer (as Spaceman) and Eric Singer (as Cat Man).

KISS - End Of The Road World Tour
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