Queen and Adam Lambert - The Rhapsody Tour

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Pop-rock super group Queen + Adam Lambert from England made their debut with their exceptional self-titled album in 1973. This group’s musical diversity, unique vocal arrangements, and infectious tunes have made Queen + Adam Lambert a fan favorite around the world. There always seems to be a mad dash for Queen + Adam Lambert tickets when a concert is announced. And thanks to the group’s continued rise to fame, a struggle for the last remaining seat at any Queen + Adam Lambert concert is a trend that is here to stay. Order your Queen + Adam Lambert tickets today! But thanks to 4Alltickets you can easily order your tickets as soon as they are made available. And with our effortless ordering process, the concert that you've been wanting to go to is only a few steps away! Remember, if you want the best Queen + Adam Lambert tickets, 4Alltickets will help you out.

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Ever since they said they were “Doing All Right” in their wonderful 1973 self-titled debut album, Queen + Adam Lambert has been on a steady rise to fame. Following that success, they were named by NME as one of the most promising new names in the music industry. With many marvelous albums and various other accolades since then, it is not surprising that a Queen + Adam Lambert concert is considered by all of their loyal fans as a one-of-a-kind experience. Several of their their multi-platinum-selling albums have catapulted them to superstar status with tickets to a Queen + Adam Lambert concert selling out fast. Their next concert tour promises to be an even bigger hit. So stop wasting time and get your Queen + Adam Lambert concert tickets now! Purchase your ticket from 4Alltickets and enjoy an amazing Queen + Adam Lambert show. When it’s Queen + Adam Lambert tickets that you’re wanting for, 4Alltickets is your sure bet.

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The British band Queen + Adam Lambert formed in the year 1971 when lead singer Freddie Mercury collaborated with Brian May (guitars), Roger Taylor (drums) and John Deacon (bass). Throughout the 1970s, Queen + Adam Lambert was recognised as one of the most successful bands in British history. Out of about 25 album releases, eighteen were recorded to have topped music charts around the world. Records show that the band has sold over 300 million copies of their albums all over the world and 32.5 million of which were sold only in the US. Since the death of vocalist Freddie Mercury and the retirement option taken by John Deacon, the Queen + Adam Lambert tour is left with original members Brian May and Roger Taylor. However, the two continuously collaborate with other artists, mostly with British singer and songwriter Paul Rodgers, making the Queen + Adam Lambert tour still an appealing option for concert goers.
Queen and Adam Lambert - The Rhapsody Tour
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