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The new phenomenon that is Toppers in Concert is touring! Live gigs performed especially for lovers of Motown. Toppers in Concert tickets are selling, and selling fast. Toppers in Concert are three men pleasing thousands of Motown lovers live, and their renditions are particularly good with a full band behind them, it’s possible to relive the best of Motown as well as some of the more modern artists like Robbie Williams whose hits they’ve covered as part of their concerts. Order your Toppers in Concert 2024 tickets for Johan Cruijff ArenA today! A Toppers in Concert 2024 ticket would be a fantastic gift for the lover of traditional cover music in your family, it’s more than a trip out – it’s purely great entertainment. Buying Toppers Amsterdam tickets has never been so easy!

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Attending a Toppers in Concert concert is the ultimate in a fun-filled night. OK, they aren’t chart stars (yet) but they are true entertainment at its best. Toppers in Concert tickets are relatively easy to get hold of and represent a great night out, or even a gift for someone special who isn’t into regular concert going. A Toppers in Concert concert is usually filled with people of all ages, who just adore great music. Toppers in Concert cover many tracks, Motown being their best, but also cover of other famous artists in the pop industry like Robbie Williams. Their renditions of these artists are superb and always have the crowd singing along! Tickets for their concerts go relatively quickly, so be sure to get your ticket quickly to avoid disappointment!

Tickets Toppers in Concert 2024

This fantastic three man group consists of Gerard Joling, Rene Froger, Jan Smit and Jeroen van der Boom. Toppers in Concert are well established and have their own significant fan base. Many people make sure to go and see them live when they’re in town. Toppers in Concert ticket are currently touring Holland with huge success and have plans for larger tours soon if the audience wants them – and of course they will! Truly great Dutch performers with a flair for music, Gene, Rene and Gordon are going places. The success of SongFestival in 2005 served only to elevate Toppers in Concert further, and their Dutch songwriting ballad abilities are immense. Toppers in Concert are a firm favorite with the old or young listener, definitely worth going to see at least once.
Toppers in Concert
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