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Wolter Kroes

Koninklijk Theater Carre
Amsterdam, Nederland
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Wolter Kroes Ticket Information

Wolter Kroes tickets are becoming more and more desirable. Wolter Kroes has such a smooth voice and his ballads are truly heartwarming. This Dutch artist is becoming more popular as the months wear on, and his tour scheduled for 2008 is a promising start. Wolter Kroes tickets are now available for purchase, and his concert is guaranteed to be a symphony of love and heart rending ballads that could bring a tear to even the sternest eye. Order your Wolter Kroes 2018 tickets for Koninklijk Theater Carre today! The voice of Wolter Kroes is becoming popular around the globe, and he is now featured on websites like YouTube, MySpace and many others. A ticket for a Wolter Kroes concert would be a great gift for the love song enthusiast in you – get in quickly before everyone else does.

Wolter Kroes Concert

The Wolter Kroes concert promises to be an exciting, smooth experience with a lot of atmosphere. This alluring gentleman has much to give and already his charismatic voice is filling the minds of many ballad lovers around the world, a ticket to a concert of his is already becoming a valuable thing. A Wolter Kroes concert is looking to be a popular night out as his popularity grows, so does his fan base. Wolter Kroes musical songwriting talent, and the covers he produces are superb. Wolter Kroes’ most popular hit so far is called ‘Niet Normal’ and has received great acclaim – all is looking very promising for his 2008 tour. Red Label signed him not too long ago and is already promoting him very strongly; this is one artist who will not disappear without a trace. Get tickets while you can, it won’t be long before he is a music legend.

Wolter Kroes Biography

Having his first major hit in 1995, Wolter Kroes seemed destined for great things and has been an aspiring musical artist since. Selling to over 5000 people in 2003, his concert soon proved there was a huge audience for his music, and Wolter Kroes began his ascent of the musical stairway. Wolter Kroes is touring during 2008 and it promises to be his most successful yet. There is even a jewelry range designed by the soon to be ‘Dutch King of Ballad’ which is proving to be extremely popular. Wolter Kroes can only achieve great things; going on how well he has done so far, and is definitely an artist to watch for the indefinite future. Good luck to you, Wolter Kroes!
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