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Rotterdam, Nederland
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Tarkan Ticket Information

German artist Tarkan is renowned singer of pop music in Turkey. Tarkan has greatly influenced the music industry actively participating since the 1991. With numerous awards and platinum selling albums to his name, he is undeniably an exceptional musical artist. It is no wonder why tickets to his concerts are always in demand. Since the beginning of his career, Tarkan tickets have been valued by so many of his fans around the world. Buy a Tarkan ticket now and be among the lucky ones who get to see him perform live! 4Alltickets makes buying Tarkan tickets so convenient that you can order with just a few clicks. Get your ticket today and you will be singing along to a live performances of “Kuzu Kuzu,” “Hüp,” “Bounce,” and “Start the Fire.”

Tarkan Concert

German-born pop singer Tarkan is generally considered as one of the highest-selling artists in Turkey. His catchy pop sound and fun performances have endeared him to adults and the youth alike. His fans just can’t get enough of Tarkan songs and would do just about anything to be able to buy tickets to a Tarkan concert. Given that the Washington Post has recognized his talent in performing as comparable to Elvis Presley himself, buying a ticket to his next concert should be a must. So why not treat yourself now and go go to the next Tarkan concert. Book your seats well in advance only at 4Alltickets and you will soon be singing along to his best hits form his bestselling albums from “Yine Sensiz” all the way to “Metamorfoz.”

Tarkan Biography

Tarkan is a highly renowned pop singer in Turkey. As an awardee of the a World Music Award, He has been known for his songwriting that beautifully encompasses the themes of sexual romance. As a media icon, Tarkan has been called the “Price of Pop” several times. Since the beginning of his career in 1991, he has launched plentiful platinum-certified albums. Records show that he has sold over 15 million copies of his records not just in Turkey but around the globe. While international artists believe that singing in English is necessary for worldwide success, Tarkan proved this wrong by being among the few who never sang or wrote in English yet charted singles across three continents. In a previous article published in the Washington Post, Tarkan was compared to Elvis Presley.
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