Roger Waters

Amsterdam, Nederland

Roger Waters found international fame as a founding member of legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd. Selling over 250 million albums worldwide and being inducted into both the British and American Rock & Roll Halls Of Fame, Pink Floyd is one of the most influential bands of the 20th century. Roger Walters has also had tremendous success as a solo artist, releasing three studio albums and touring extensively all across the globe.

Roger was the creative force behind the prime years of Pink Floyd's impressive run. From the classic album The Dark Side Of The Moon in 1968 until Final Cut in 1983, Walters was responsible for the lyrics, arrangement and concept behind every album they released. By the time he left the band in 1985 they had been firmly established as one of the most critically acclaimed and best selling bands in popular music history. Albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall are some of the best selling albums of all time and still sell literally thousands of copies every year to this day.

After leaving Pink Floyd he moved into solo projects with albums such as Radio K.A.O.S and Amused To Death, once again concept albums in his unique style. In 1990 just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, he staged his most elaborate concert ever with a giant outdoor performance in Berlin where the Wall once stood. Featuring guest performances from the likes of Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell and Cyndi Lauper, the concert registered an official attendance of over 200,000 people. The official live album, titled The Wall - Live, was released shortly afterwards and quickly went Platinum. This period of his career also saw Roger collaborate with artists such as Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck on various projects.

After taking a seven year break from both public eyes and the music industry, Roger returned with a bang in 1999 with a tour that started small and quickly grew. With more modest venues quickly selling out, more dates and larger venues were quickly added as the return tour expanded worldwide. For over three years Roger toured the world, culminating with a performance in front of over 70,000 at Glastonbury Festival in 2002. In 2005 Pink Floyd played together for one last time at charity event Live 8. Roger has continued his solo tours on and off since then, often performing special arrangements of Pink Floyd material mixed with his solo work.

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