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Amsterdam, Nederland
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K3 Ticket Information

Flemish girls Karen Damen, Kathleen Aerts and Kristel Verbeke, collectively known as K3, are popular Belgian pop singers. As a girl band, K3 has managed to achieve success even without receiving any airplay from mainstream music television channels like The Music Factory and MTV. By promoting the group in kiddie and cartoon shows, mommies and daddies have been snapping up K3 tickets to make their little ones happy. If you are a parent yourself or have many nieces and nephews, why not make the kids happy by buying them K3 tickets? They are surely going to love you for buying them a K3 ticket that will make them popular with their friends. Order your K3 tickets today! Let 4Alltickets help you become even more of a hero in your child’s eyes. Come get your tickets through us and your little one will be showing off his ticket in no time.

K3 Concert

Dutch pop girl band K3 is generally considered as one of the highest-selling Belgian artists in Belgium’s music history. The group’s catchy pop sound and fun performances have endeared them pre-adolescent children. Kids can’t get enough of K3 songs and would do just about anything to be able to buy tickets to a K3 concert. They might even do household chores or do better in school in exchange for their parents buying them a ticket to the group’s next concert. So why not make a deal with your beloved child now? Get them to clean their room or study even harder and they can go to the next K3 concert. Book your seats well in advance only at 4Alltickets and you and your kids will soon be singing along to K3’s best hits.

K3 Biography

K3 is an all girl pop group formed in Belgium aimed at the young girls and boys; influencing them through the different marketing strategy of airing their videos on cartoon channels and other children’s television shows. When they formed in 1998, the girl band K3 received unfavourable reviews and was not very well accepted by the audience and was even lambasted at the Eurovision video competition as “assorted meat products” by the judges. Since then K3 has undergone a change in image and have, since 2002, been managed by Studio 100. K3 has seen their numerous hit singles, including their biggest hit to date “Heyah Mama,” hit the Dutch Top 40 and Flemish Ultratop 50 charts. The group is also unofficially considered as one of Belgium’s best-selling music acts.
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