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Ilse DeLange

Ziggo Dome
Amsterdam, Nederland
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Ilse DeLange Tickets

Ilse DeLange is a Dutch Country and Pop Singer who hails from Almelo in Netherlands. In 2000, Ilse DeLange was awarded the Edison Award for best Dutch artist in the same year. She has had remarkable success with the release of six albums to date and a number of them even going Platinum. In concert, Ilse’s fans just love her music; and getting an Ilse DeLange ticket is not the easiest thing to do, since tickets are often sold out very quickly. For instance, just last year Ilse did a tour of Europe and Ilse DeLange tickets for the ‘Ilse Delange Live In Amsterdam’ show were a complete sell out. If you’re looking for some Ilse DeLange tickets you are certainly in luck as you can get a ticket to her next show online. Order your Ilse DeLange tickets for Ziggo Dome today!  You can also order Ilse de Lange tickets for other events. Its really no surprise tho why Ilse is so popular, the singer is also the lyricist of several of her own albums; in 2003 she released an album titled "Clean Up", the lyrics authored entirely by herself, a very talented artist, her fans simply adore her.

Tickets Ilse DeLange Concert

Ilse DeLange has been touring quite early on in her musical career; in 1999 Ilse DeLange released her album "Dear John" and promoted it through a sequence of mini tours over several months throughout 1999. Songs from the same album hit the very top of the charts and stayed there a long time while also raising Ilse’s ranking substantially, and ensuring that the subsequent Ilse DeLange concert was a tremendous success with tickets for the respective Ilse DeLange concert in great demand. While dates for the next concert are not yet out, if you are keen on getting yourself a ticket before the event, try online. Chances are that in her next performance you will hear her most recently released single and hit "I Love You" and several other numbers that will make your evening worth every bit, so hurry up and get your tickets now.

Tickets Ilse DeLange Tour

Ilse Annoeska de Lange known to her fans as Ilse DeLange was born in Almelo in the Netherlands on May 13, 1977. No stranger to the stage, she was a lip-synching artist from merely the age of 8, winning several contests. Ilse DeLange eventually drew a lot of attention and recognition at different regional and national talent programs especially after switching over to singing live. This gave her inroads into getting numerous chances to perform live on national television. Subsequently Ilse DeLange teamed up with Joop Liefland a guitarist and started performing Country music. She has several hits to her credit and more recently she performed a mini-tour which was completely sold out. Ilse DeLange released her third single in February 2007 titled "I Love You". That reached the 23 position on the charts; it is also part of the soundtrack for "Steel Magnolias" in the Netherlands.
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