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Stadion Feijenoord
Rotterdam, Nederland
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After the band started in 1999 with hits like Just The Way Do and Inside My Head, DI-RECT was difficult to forget. In the fifteen years following were a Rollercoaster Ride. With nine albums, two EP's, multiple Top 10 hits, countless awards and over 3000 live shows in the Netherlands and outside of it, DI-RECT has shown that "they are here to stay". In 2009, Marcel Veenendaal took over from singer Tim Akkerman. The first single in the new formation was Times Are Changing and it became the first number 1 hit the band ever had, and thus a new era started. The band released the album Wild Hearts with success and had their greatest hit yet: Soldier On. Despite the pandemic, the band knew how to reach tens of thousands of people with their spectacular livestream concerts.
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