Save Your Ticket

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Save Your Ticket

Save your ticket, enjoy later

Why the ticket scheme?
With ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, the cultural and sporting industry hopes that ticket holders will attend their favourite venue or event at a later date.This helps to absorb the economic impact of measures related to the corona virus in the cultural sector. This means that efforts can continue for events in the future. This not only helps the organizers, artists and venues, but also all the people behind the scenes who make the events possible, such as set builders, technicians, suppliers, creatives and other employees, and self-employed people in the cultural and sporting sector.

Rescheduled events: If your event, for instance a performance, competition or concert, is rescheduled for a date no more than 13 months from the original one, your ticket remains valid for the rescheduled event. If you cannot attend on the new date of the rescheduled event, you get back your original ticket price, including booking or service fees, as a voucher, a digital credit. How this is done varies between organizations. The voucher is valid for a minimum of 12 months.

Cancelled events: if an event could not be rescheduled within 13 months and had to be cancelled, you will get back your ticket price, including booking or service fees, in the form of a voucher. How this is done varies between organizations. The voucher is valid for a minimum of 12 months.

For how long is my voucher valid?
You can use the credit for at least 12 months after issue to buy a ticket for another event of the
same organizer. Some organizers even opt for a longer term. If you have not used your voucher
(in full) and the term has expired, you will receive the (remaining) amount back.

Can I also get an immediate monetary refund?
If you cannot use the voucher, you have the right to request a refund. When the money is refunded depends on whether it concerns a canceled or a rescheduled event.
- If the event has been rescheduled, your money will be refunded one month after the date of the rescheduled event.
- If the event is canceled, the refunding term is up to 3 months after the date on which the event would have taken place. However, this ticket scheme has not been set up for nothing: cultural institutions can go under if everyone requests a refund. That is why the government also supports this scheme.

Can I make a donation?
Yes, please! The implementation of donations differs per organization. Some have set up their own fund, others refer you directly to donation possibilities with partners and / or suppliers. Again, check the website of the relevant organization.