Dediqated | 20 years of Q-dance

Arnhem, Nederland
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Premium ticket includes: early access to the Galaxy Lounge, best view from the Premium deck, premium gadget, welcome drink & finger food upon arrival at the GelreDome, seperate Premium entrance, free locker at the Galaxy Lounge

Dediqated Dance Tickets

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Tickets Dediqated 2020

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Dediqated Gelredome Tickets

The Dediqated is an event that aims to recognize the electronic and dance music artists that are most favoured by dance fans across the Netherlands. This event is held each year during a weekend in the month of Novermber. It began in 2000 when it was hosted in the USC De Boelelaan, Amsterdam. Since then the Dediqated, Netherlands has been hosted in some of the biggest and most popular venues in the country. Among the most prominent celebrities who have been part of Dediqated, Netherlands are Lady Dana, DJ Luna, Marco V, DJ Zany, The Prophet, Mauro Picotto, and Technoboy. The Dediqated dance event has gone through several of the biggest venues in Europe and is today still gaining much popularity from dance and electronic music lovers all over the continent.

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